Terms of Use

We minister to Christians from all countries of the world and not limited by geography or country borders.

- Register if you are a Christian!

- If you still decide to register but are not a Christian nor a follower of Jesus Christ be advised that you will hear, read about God and His will which is the ultimate authority for our community. If you are not ready to be told about God's will, or if it offends you, we suggest that you leave now.

As a registered user you have to fill out all profile fields to tell us who are you, country of your residence, what your belief is and tell us briefly about yourself including “Avatar” image, we prefer real faces. This is vital as we all have to see your life goals and your intentions have to be clear.

- Register to make a difference!

- Register to glorify Jesus Christ and take part in other Christians’ ministry!

- Do not offend!

- No political activity!

- No unsolicited advertisement (HYIP, moneymaking machines, lotteries and other gambling stuff) is permitted!

- No porn, no nudity is allowed!

- No racism!

- If you are not ready to abide by these rules, please, leave now!

-Website admins have the full right to restrict, ban or delete your account if you violate these rules and disregard our attempts to settle any of our concerns.

By joining Lord'sBook you agree to occasionally receive our email notifications which will help us to interact and tell about our users' needs/plans and efforts in ministry to the Lord. We promise these will not be our daily activity and you will not be burdened by it. You will not have an option to unsubscribe but you will always be able to delete your account and stop any correspondence from us.

Our Admins have the right to contact you either by email used to register or via your profile on our platform or Chat.

We are here for Jesus the Messiah and for one another! He is the first and the last priority.

Page Verification

If you see the blue badge on a Page or profile, it means that Lord'sBook confirmed that this is the authentic Page or profile for this public figure, company or brand. Keep in mind that you are not required to verify your page/account, but if you wish to request for any financial aid or are looking for Christian partners around the world to do business with you, you should Verify your page or personal account to prove you are who you claim to be at www.lordsbook.org.

If you refuse to request verification of your account we will not be able to guarantee you are a real authentic Christian person, and will not refer people to your page if needed.

Safety of our users is one of our major priorities at Lord'sBook.

How to get Verified:

  1. - First, you have to request Verification from your account in General Setting Page.
  2. - Second, make sure you use your personal real name (first and last) on your account. If you request your Church/Company Page verification, please use it's current registered name as indicated your registration documents.
  3. - Third, you will have to send copies of documents to verification@lordsbook.org.
  4. - Fourth, after we make sure all ends meet, we will verify your Account/Page.


Financial Aid Request requirements:

1. Only beneficiaries of the financial aid may apply for aid in this group. No one may post on someone else's' behalf without authorization.

2. Only Protestant/Evangelical Churches may apply as they have fewer resources by default.

3. You have to create your Church/congregation page and get Verified (see verification rules above).

4. On your Verified Church/congregation page provide a full description of your need including location, pictures, web, physical and email addresses, phone number, reference people, who can verify your words and requested amount etc).

5. Your profile must have all required contact, physical, email address, phone number etc.

6. Only official Church representative may apply (written rep. authorization letter must be sent to verification@lordsbook.org prior to posting your request in this group).

7. After Lord'sBook Team verifies your information you will be able to post here.

8. After your request is published in the designated Donation section of the website you should start sharing your post to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. and ask your Christian friends to help you as well. This will expedite the collecting of requested donation amount.

By registering you agree with the above-mentioned Terms and agree to abide by our rules.