About Lord'sBook Chistian Network
Lord's Book is a Christian Social Network. Read Christian news, Christian posts. We connect Christian ministers, pastors, missions, parents, children to serve the Lord Jesus Christ together, to learn, study the Scripture, preach the Gospel of the Messiah, promote, advertise, do business together and fellowship!

Lord's Book is an International Christian Social Network with a big goal. This goal is to make this platform the major resource for Christian groups, friendship, ministry, discussions, blogging, testimonies and preaching the Gospel around the world. Our goal is to make Christians united by one Lord, one faith, one destiny by doing projects together!

This platform is only for Christians, active, believing, faithful, who understand the goals, set by Jesus. Let atheists use other networks. This is for Christians, to encourage one another, fund-raise, offer and find Christian jobs, promote Christian values and preach the Word of God!

When we read the Bible we see how apostles of Christ preached, declared Who they belonged to PUBLICLY! Also, we read of how they lived "and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine" Acts. 5:28. Today we usually are dispersed on the internet and are not noticeable!

That is why we can't influence the world for Christ as we should. We are everywhere yet nowhere. We use secular tools, social networks, but why can't we have one of our own? Completely Christians', the Lord's with real mega numbers to be able to demonstrate how many of true followers the Lord Jesus has! Imagine if we have a Christians site consisting of 500,000,0000 - 1billion Christian users! Don't you think we could influence, even more, preach more productively as apostles did?

Imagine if Christians on this site could create ministry projects and donate funds for that in one place where each one could become a part of the ministry? What a POWERFUL tool we would have for the Lord! Imagine a situation when there is a need to collect votes for Gospel preaching in schools where it was it used to be forbidden or disregarded when we send a petition with 1billion signatures on it!? What if our brothers and sisters in Christ are illegally kept in jails or prisons and there is nobody or too little to say a word for them to protect them!? When we are dispersed we are weak! But when we gather in the Name of Christ so that His Truth could be preached on a larger scale as well as Biblical influence we can succeed! I realize that only remnant will be saved, the Scripture teaches so, but we do not know how big that remnant can be! Join, glorify Christ: http://www.lordsbook.org and take part creating such a POWERFUL tool in the Lord.