Our Vision

Lord'sBook Vision:

1. To gather 100,000 Christians.

2. To do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

3. Gather ALL Christians here to be a city on a hill and make God's will known on a global scale.

4. To teach, study the Bible.

5. To plant & build Churches, Christian schools, and small hospitals through mutual fundraising campaigns.

6. To start, conduct and finish evangelism campaigns all over the world.

7. To offer & find jobs within the global Christian community.

8. To help Christians start businesses and find Christian partners.

9. In a biblical manner verbally react to the important world and country events that require massive Christian response.

10. To promote ministries, Christian businesses and campaigns.

11.To know, to see, to feel and to experience that we are one Body of Jesus Christ.

To achieve these goals we will continue to promote the service on the internet, through current users and by spreading the word, explaining the benefits of the Lord’sBook platform.

With each 10,000 users we will start a new ministry project and get it done together as ONE.

When there are 100,000 registered Christians we will start going to different continents to meet with local Christians to help them find resources (spiritual, educational, financial, people) to complete/continue their ministry and be productive in the Lord as much as it is possible at that time.

All these efforts will be accompanied with starting, midterm and final progress reports including videos and pictures from ministry locations.

With each additional hundred of thousands of users more impact will be achieved and magnificent impact on people’s lives will be experienced. The Lord, Jesus deserves this!