Christian Conservative Furry Guy

I'm Christian, a Conservative, Furry, and a white guy...I AM your trigger!

So I suppose everyone is wondering: Why are you writing a blog? Obviously I’m not completely qualified for a role as talking about Christianity since you’re not a pastor.

You’re right, I’m not.

I’m definitely not a pastor, nor have any degree in divinity. The only degree I got is in Animation. Yes, I’m a cartoonist and graphic designer. You can obviously tell by my grammar that I’m not a talented writer either. At best, I write as a hobby but for this situation, I’m relying on spell checkers and Grammarly to ensure that my thoughts are conveyed.

What I am, however, is a born-again Christian. My understanding of the bible is a layman at best. Jesus found me when I was a teenager, riddled with self-doubt, depression and social awkwardness. Since then, I have struggled in my faith, challenged my God, and sought him to make his word clear. It is my sincere hope that the insights I have gleaned from the Holy Spirit are true to scripture and can benefit others.

Someone once said, “When the great novel you are seeking is not around, it is up to you to create it.” Therefore, it behooves me to write out my thoughts about the Christian faith so that perhaps some of what I write about might be of some use to those of you reading this. I don’t anticipate becoming the next Charles Spurgeon or John Bunyan, but I feel I must follow what the Lord is guiding me to do.

This book is not about recovering from any addiction since I have never had the difficulty of drug and alcohol abuse. There will be some thoughts about depression since I have gone through that. While it is true that I have not walked into your shoes, but you have never walked in mine either. There is no intention on trying to teach you something that I have not experienced. My thoughts are based off what I learned walking the Christian life. Granted, my walk was never perfect, but that is the point of it.

As mentioned, I am also a furry to which some of you may not understand that. A furry is a member of a fandom that enjoys artwork involving anthropomorphic animals, like Bugs Bunny, Tony the Tiger, and Micky Mouse. That may sound strangely innocent, but the Furry fandom is also filled with people and groups who enjoy sexual deviation from such characters. Openly, I admit that I have indulged in such activity and I do not seek to justify my reasons. Skeptics will want to argue that someone who has such an interest should not be writing about Christianity. I beg to differ.

Many will have you believe that a Christian should be absolutely pure and without sin. That’s a fallacy. The reason behind the Christian faith is not to work towards purity, but to be made pure through faith in Jesus Christ. My travels with Christ are filled with potholes and pitfalls where I have stumbled and broken faith with my God. That is the whole point of living a Christian life: struggling against our sinful selves. I wear my sin openly because I want people to see that I am no different than any of you. My sin is my cross to bear and while I seek to become better, I am not perfect.

Abraham struggled with faith and failed many times, yet he was the progenitor of the Jewish race. Lot had incestuous relations with his daughters, yet he was spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jacob was sold as a slave and mistreated, yet helped save Israel from starvation. Moses was a murderer yet he was seen as God’s friend. Samson was an arrogant bastard who also fraternized with loose women, yet sought God in the end. Gideon was a coward, yet fought the enemies of Israel. Ruth was just a pretty young girl, but through her, saved the Jewish people from destruction. These are just a small sample from the Old Testament alone of those imperfect people who through God, became heroes of the faith. Of course, I’m not Jewish but I’m not a hero either. I’m only describing that despite my faults, God can use me for good.

This is my story. I am the narrator and my thoughts come from my study of scripture and my own personal walk with Jesus. Just like you, I had doubts, questions and concerns about what I learned. What I learned however, gave me a depth of understanding in God and learned more about myself and my role in his creation. Perhaps something I have learned in my journey can help you as well.

Let us see what happens.