Has Jesus' return signs ceased? NO.

Read of the end times prophesies unfolding progress.

Following up on our recent post from last week about some incredible signs that continue to point to and confirm how close we are to the Day of the LORD, I thought it necessary to share with you that the signs are only increasing, but the world continues to sleep, in large part because a number of shepherds in the Church have mocked, ignored, and suppressed the truth.  Indeed, Jesus is coming like a thief in the night to the world and perhaps most of the Church (1 Thess. 5:2-3) because of willful ignorance, but He is not coming like a thief for us (Matt. 24:431 Thess. 5:4Rev. 3:3).  Sit up straight, buckle your seat belt, and pay attention.

A Review

In just over two weeks the Great Sign described in Revelation 12:1-2 will seemingly appear over Israel.  There is reason to believe this sign points to or is connected with the rapture (see here and here), but we leave open the possibility the sign precedes the rapture by some number of days or weeks.  It would make perfect sense for the rapture to occur this month, but if it doesn't happen, I will still fervently believe the alignment is the Great Sign of Revelation 12 and the Church will need to remain in permanent-watch-overdrive.

The sign happens to occur on or one day after the Feast of Trumpets, which I and many others believe is the most likely of the seven Feasts of the LORD to be fulfilled by the rapture of the Church.  In the very year this incredible alignment occurs on the Feast of Trumpets, the strangest election in political history led to the inauguration of Trump + Pence.  On top of that, this year has seen an altogether unprecedented convergence of the number of completion and perfection, the number most used in Revelation: 7.

Donald Trump was born 700 days before Israel was reborn and was 777 days old, 77 days after Israel's rebirth. Trump won the election by exactly 77 electoral votes. He was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on Inauguration Day. His Inauguration ended the 57th presidential term and began the 58th term in the same year that the Hebrew calendar transitions from 5777 to 5778 on the Feast of Trumpets. 

Mike Pence was born 8 years to the day before Jerusalem was returned to Israel and was 57 years old in Hebrew year 5777, but turned 58 on the 50th Gregorian anniversary of the Jerusalem conquest. 

7 days after November 7th (Election Eve) was the largest Supermoon in 70 years. 

Trump's campaign manager and current advisor Kellyanne Conway was born in 1967 - the year Jerusalem was recaptured. 

In January, 2017, Chau Smith became the first person to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in just 7 days. She was 70 years old. 

The French election this year was held on 5/7/17 on the 7th day of the week. 

Vladimir Putin was exactly 777 months old on 7/7/17

Noah's father Lamech lived 777 years and died 5 years before the Flood (7775) - an inversion of the current Hebrew year (5777) - like bookends! 

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who I think will be at the helm of Israel during the rapture, is currently 67 years old and was 67 years old when Jerusalem celebrated its 50th anniversary on 6/7/2017

Netanyahu was born on the 7 + 7 + 7th day of October in the 7 x 7th year of the 20th century (1949) and graduated high school in 1967 and graduated from MIT in 1977

From Netanyahu's first day in office to Trump's election was 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days; from his first day in office to Election Eve was 2777 days. 

When Pigeon Forge burned and the Joel 2 passage proclaiming the Day of the LORD was at hand was discovered was 57 days before the first day of Hebrew year 5777.

If all of these "coincidental" numbers are too much for you, that's fine.  We can agree to disagree on their significance, but as for me, I believe God is sovereign over the smallest details and did not create a meaningless universe.

On top of all that, 2017 marks 120 years since the First Zionist Congress, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration and the capture of Jerusalem by the British, 70 years since the U.N. mandate establishing a Jewish state, 70 prophetic years of 360-days each since Israel's rebirth in 1948, 50 years since the conquest of Jerusalem, 40 years since the beginning of the modern Middle East peace process, and 30 years since the founding of The Temple Institute.  It's also the only year in recent memory where the International Day of Peace, the Feast of Trumpets, and the autumnal equinox all line up.  This is also the only year where the official motto of Peace Day includes both "peace" and "safety" (1 Thess. 5:3).  The Revelation 12 Sign aside, there has never been a year with this much convergence - it's simply overwhelming.

Then there are all the signs in the heavens.  It was discovered that the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015 was pointing to this month all along, but this was hidden in plain sight and no one noticed until recently.  Then the Great American Eclipse occurred - an event that was filled with significance and meaning.  It started in the 33rd U.S. state, ended at the 33rd parallel, took 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the U.S., occurred on the 233rd day of the year, was 133 days before 2018, and happened 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign.

I'm just scratching the surface here.  If you want to study further check out these articles:

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The Signs Continue, But The World (And Church) Sleeps

Last week I wrote about how Hurricane Harvey was packed with meaning:

Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, made landfall exactly 4 days after the Great American Eclipse and 4 weeks before the Feast of Trumpets, or, on the Jewish calendar, exactly 4 weeks before the Revelation 12 Sign featuring a woman with 12 stars on her head who symbolizes the 12 tribes of Israel. The storm was the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in 12 years and brought with it 12-foot storm surges.

The hurricane struck between Corpus Christi, which is Latin for "The Body of Christ", and Victoria, which is Latin for "Victory". Harvey means "Blazing Iron". Citizens of Corpus were told to evacuate and many heeded the warning (the Body of Christ was evacuated). In Revelation 12:5we discover that the victorious Body of Christ will rule the nations with a rod of iron (see also Rev. 2:26-27) after evacuating earth to a place of safety as a ferocious dragon tries unsuccessfully to devour them (see herehere, and here).

Then I shared with you footage from Jinan, China showing what some on Chinese social media were calling "a door into heaven" (think Rev. 4:1):

Events are now speeding up:

Houston - The fourth largest city in the U.S. was hit by the worst flooding in the city's history.

Chicago - The third largest city in the U.S. is nearing 500 murders so far in 2017, the most murders in any U.S. city, and possibly on track for the highest number of murders in the city's history.

Los Angeles - The second largest city in the U.S. just experienced the largest wildfire in the city's history.

New York - The largest city in the U.S. is weeks away from hosting the International Day of Peace (1 Thess. 5:3).

Following on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, Irma is now a Category 5 storm and on track to pummel the Caribbean and then hit the U.S.  The NHC just confirmed that it is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin.  If it hits the U.S. as a Category 4 or 5 it will be the first time in 102 years that two Category 4+ hurricanes struck the U.S. in the same year.  Remember that no major hurricane had struck the U.S. in nearly 12 years until Harvey hit last month.  The last major hurricane to make landfall was Wilma in 2005 and all of a sudden two major hurricanes come storming through.  Right behind Irma is another cyclone - Tropical Storm Jose, which looks like it might take a similar path as Irma.  If it also hit the U.S. it would likely be unprecedented in American history.

The current earthquake swarm over the Yellowstone Supervolcano continues, with the quake count nearing 2,400.  This is now one of the largest swarms since records began, only outpaced by a 1985 swarm and the Idaho State Journal has quoted experts saying it might lead to a 7.0 earthquake.

Outside of the U.S., strange trumpet sounds were heard in the sky over Budapest, Hungary on August 23rd:

Then more trumpet sounds in Astara, Iran on August 28th:

Massive flooding continues to wreak havoc in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal in what experts are calling the worst monsoon in decades.  The death toll has now risen to nearly 1,300.  The graphic below shows the current extent of flooding (in blue):

To add fuel to the fire, news broke that North Korea had successfully tested its first H-bomb, a nuclear weapon far more powerful than crude A-bombs.  They also released the following image showing what appears to be successful miniaturization for fitting to the nose of an ICBM.  Then it was reported today that North Korea had transported an ICBM to its west coast under cover of darkness.  The situation continues to spiral towards war.

The world's house of cards is being shaken.  It won't take much for it to come crashing down.  My guess is that the Restrainer is the only one holding this all together and he is about to be taken out of the way (2 Thess. 2:6-8).  My suggestion to you is to get right with the One pulling the strings and then keep watch.