God is warning humanity!

Again, good observation on the Lord acting today to draw our attention to Himself.

On Friday, September 1st, a massive, planet-killing asteroid will fly by earth.  It's path does not present a danger to our planet, but news outlets have made note that it is the largest asteroid to come this close to earth in well over a century.  The asteroid, 3122 Florence, will pass by at a distance of 4,390 thousand miles from earth.  At 2.7 miles in diameter, it is so massive that you will be able to see it in the sky for several nights with nothing but a cheap telescope.  Consider these interesting facts about this asteroid:

The asteroid's name is 3122 Florence.  Strong's 3122 is "most of all, especially, particularly so".

It was discovered in 1981.  Strong's 1981 is "dwell in, spread a tabernacle over".

It is 2.7 miles in diameter.  Strong's 27 is "beloved".

It's orbital period is 859 days.  Strong's 859 is "deliverance, a sending away, forgiveness, pardon".

It will pass 4,390 thousand miles from the earth.  Strong's 4390 is "filled, complete, full of".  It is the same word used in Genesis 6:11-13 to describe the earth right before the Flood as being "filled with violence".  It is used elsewhere in the Old Testament to describe a set period of time being completed (Gen. 29:27-2850:3Ex. 23:26).

In other words:

It is especially true that I will spread my tabernacle over my beloved, delivering her and sending her away with forgiveness because the time is complete and the earth is filled with violence.


In other news, Mahmoud Abbas delivered an ultimatum to the 45th president of the United States stating that the country only had 45 days left to deliver a peace plan or else Palestine would "blow up" the peace process.  Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Harvey is deluging I-45 in Houston, a storm that made landfall and began flooding the Texas coast 4 and 5 days after the Great American Eclipse, respectively.

"That's just confirmation bias."  "You're thinking too much into things."  "You've gone off the deep end."  I reject the first two accusations, but I'll accept the third.  Truth is found in the deep water, so stop standing on the shoreline and come dive in.  God is sovereign over the smallest details.